Posted by Alex Campillo

Winter weather doesn’t mean you have to park your bike for the season. Winter cycling can be an exhilarating experience when you have the right gear. Here are our top picks for the best bike gear for winter cycling.

Extra Lights

Winter conditions can deteriorate rapidly and without notice so it never hurts to be prepared. Keep an extra set of front and rear lights stowed in your saddlebag. An extra front light that puts out a lot of light is also good to keep around too.

Co2 Inflator

If you get a flat you want to get rolling again as quickly as possible. Keep a Co2 tire inflator with you just in case so you won’t be stranded or left walking in the winter weather. Live Grit’s Cycle Packages include an inflator as well as other handy biking gear.

Tube and Patch Kit

Cold weather or not, you should not hit the road without a patch kit. If you should get a hole in your tire, you need to be able to quickly patch it and get on your way. Walking your bike through snow and ice is not cool at all.


A good multitool in your saddlebag can be a lifesaver. It’s great for doing side of the road repairs. The Cycle Package from Live Grit includes a great multitool; they want to make sure you are prepared for whatever the road might throw your way.


If you take a wrong turn, or want to plan a new cycling route, a GPS is great. A Garmin Forerunner Bike Mount will allow you to use your GPS on your bike. Then you’ll always know where you are going.

A Word on Cold Weather Cycling Wear

The key to winter weather dressing it light layers. Your foundation should be a warm base layer for insulation then add thermal fleece layers on top of that. Layering in this way allows you to preserve body heat or vent, whichever is necessary. You don’t want to get too cold, but you don’t want to get too warm either. Choose your winter cycling wear wisely.

If you still need some extra protection once you’ve suited up you may want to add leg warmers and arm warmers. Shoe covers will help keep your feet warm and dry, protecting them from road slush and snow. Also, when temperatures drop, good gloves are an absolute must. It is also vital to protect your head in cold weather and a skull cap does just that. Get one that has reflective detailing so that you are more visible at night and in low light conditions.

Stay warm, get the right gear so you are prepared for anything, and get cycling. Don’t let a little thing like winter stop you!

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