Posted by Jacob Fraser



A triathlon? What? 


At Live Grit, we depend upon questions. Questions are how we got started, questions are why we go to work everyday, questions are what give us purpose. Admittedly that might be a little deep for a blog post, but with all sincerity, questions, specifically first time triathlete questions, are why we exist. Nobody is born with the knowledge of all the intricate little details of completing a triathlon, there wasn't a day in grade school or an elective in university that you missed. You have to learn by doing in this sport and at times, that can seem rather intimidating. As triathletes ourselves we understand the difficulty facing athletes new to the sport. We were there once as well. We searched high and low online, just like you're doing right now, for information and resources to help ease the intimidation of joining a new sport, a new community, a new lifestyle. 


Asking anyone on "the inside" of the sport, those that have completed a triathlon before, and they will most likely tell you that what keeps them coming back isn't the awesome gear, or the self-realization that comes from a long workout, or even the pure, unbridled, uncontrollable, never-forget-a-second-of-it, real joy that comes when you finally cross your first finish line. No, all of those things are great, all of those things are pillars in our sport, but it's not what keeps people coming back. People come back for the people. This sport is home to some of the most amazing human beings you'll ever run into in this big scary world. Genuine people, helpful people, excited people, all different types of people, all different shapes and sizes, but with the underlying commonality that they are here for the same reason as everyone else. This healthy lifestyle, this addictive lifestyle, this highest-highs and sometimes lowest-lows but always self-realizing and self-fulfilling, lifestyle. That’s what keeps everyone coming back to the sport.


We are all here to share in that unshakeable tenement of our sport, to empower athletes to pursue their goals. 


So, a triathlon? 


That’s probably the most common question anybody who signed up for a triathlon gets asked by those in their life who have not signed up for a triathlon. We all grow up swimming, biking, and running around the neighborhood. Most summer days as a 10 year old, you might've done all three! But as an adult we build ourselves this walled in little "box" to live in, and anything outside of our normal, seems daunting. We are here to tell you that while it might seem daunting, it most certainly should not be scary. We want to take this adventure with you! Every open water swim, every long bike ride, every hated run. Let's take that adventure together. We promise, we will be there every step of the way to answer your questions and provide insight to help you overcome the personal hurdles you are sure to face. You will never be alone in this wild and crazy journey because simply raising your hand and saying "I want to do a triathlon" makes you a member of this crazy triathlete family and we are all here to help you along the way. 


What do I need? What should I be doing?


Probably two of the tougher questions we ever get asked in the endurance sports world. What do you need? A willingness to try and an eagerness to start. What should you be doing? Trying and starting! Simply vague answers yes, but truly important ones to realize. You have to be willing to try new things. We promise, nobody in our world is going to point and laugh at you when you try to put on a wetsuit at the beach. The only laughter you’ll hear is your own because anybody should laugh at themselves putting on a rubber suit at the beach in front of strangers. But we all do it, every Saturday we all do it, come join us! You need to be eager to start. Get that old beat up bike out of the basement and bring it into one of our technicians so you can safely start riding it. Come into the store and ask us a million questions about two million different things. Just start the journey, we promise it will be unbelievably thrilling and fulfilling and so many other words that are currently escaping our keyboard because our mind has drifted towards open water swims and group rides and fun runs and sharing a post workout drink with our fellow athletes and summer mornings and summer nights and all the other things that make this community so amazing. Again, come join us.


So welcome to your new home, athlete. Send us an email, call the store, or just come by to say hi. No matter how you do it, we want to hear from you. Get out to an open water swim, a group ride, or a group run, and meet some of the other athletes who are just as excited to have you as a part of the family. Check out our website here and start gathering some information but don’t ever hesitate to ask us a question along the way.


Everyone with the courage to raise their hand and say “I want to do this” is an athlete. So raise your hand, athlete, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.