Posted by Jacob Fraser

          Buying a bike can be an intimidating process. Even knowing where to get started can seem daunting. At Live Grit, we pride ourselves on being never-intense and never-intimidating. With that in mind, we’ve decided to outline the process of buying a bike, before and after you make the purchase! You can check out all of our bicycle categories here. And if you're brand new to cycling, don't worry, most athletes start with bikes in this category. 


  1. Your first step would be to start a conversation with one of our expert team members. Each member of our team is there to understand your needs as a rider and find the perfect bicycle to match those needs. Focusing on rider benefits, we always look for the product that is best suited for you, the rider. Each rider has unique needs, whether it’s your first bike or you’re chasing that new personal record, we know which bike is best for you. Chat us online, send us an email, or just stop by the store to start the conversation today. And you’ll find none of those pushy sales tactics here, just join us for a beer from our keg or we’ll make you a coffee, and just chat about bikes.



  1. If our team can find you the perfect bike, or maybe you’re split between two bikes, the next step would be to meet with our professional fit technicians. Following a rider interview to even further understand your specific needs, our fitter will put you on the fit cycle machine, designed to find your ideal position in blank space, without the physical constraints of an actual bicycle. From here we can decide upon the best size of your new bicycle and make the individual adjustments to fit you perfectly. Think of this as going to the tailor for your new garment, it will be perfectly fit to your body and riding style. Oh and did we mention this step is entirely complimentary? Normally a $300 investment, we think fitting is such a critical part of the bike buying process that we are willing to cover this cost to ensure you get the perfect bike. We even cover the adjustments you may need to make as your fitness and goals change over the entire first year!




  1. The new bicycle you’ve decided on is already to go out the door! You have the comfort of knowing this bike was assembled and tuned up by one of our expert service technicians. We guarantee the assembly and initial adjustment of your new bicycle. But, like all things mechanical, there is going to be a “break-in” period to your new machine. As you begin to ride it, your bicycle is going to “settle in” and need some slight adjustments to the shifting and braking. We call this our “100 mile service” although the actual distance may vary. Regardless of how long it takes, we give you this first adjustment entirely complimentary. Furthermore, after your first full season of riding we want to give you a full State Street Service Package ($120 service) entirely complimentary as well. A well-tuned machine rides better and we want to ensure you get the best ride possible.



  1. So you’ve walked out the door with your new machine, and you’ve even brought it back in a time or two for a slight mechanical adjustment or maybe to perfect the fit now that you’ve been riding outside a few times. But just like life, not everything always goes perfectly. That’s a big part of the Live Grit Guarantee. By buying your bike from a brick and mortar store instead of an online retailer, you have the personal guarantee of our owner and every team member on staff that we will go above and beyond to ensure your experience and your product is nothing less than stellar. If anything isn’t perfect with your new machine, we will cover the hassle of a warranty replacement and make sure to get your riding as soon as we can, with no cost to you. Sometimes accidents happen, and maybe you drove over your new bike in the driveway. Not to worry, we can talk with the “big bad bike companies” and get you a totally new machine at a fraction of the price. You get more than a bike shop, you become part of the family when you shop with us and we always take care of our family.



          We’ve all heard the horror stories of a new bike purchase gone wrong. We hope this article helps to alleviate those fears and we promise that if you come in to Live Grit, you will leave a happy and excited new rider. Let us help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. Start the conversation today!