What is bike fitting?

The relationship between a bike and its rider is one of connectedness and understanding. With every pedal stroke and every turn, both rider and bike move in unison. It is a beautiful dance of precision and power, if you are matched well. This is “the bike fit”.



Who should get a bike fit?

Every athlete. Athletes of every ability level will benefit from a fitting. Sometimes the rider and the bike are new to each other; sometimes they haven't even met; sometimes they have been friends for awhile; and sometimes they want to strengthen their relationship, with some minor tweaks. 

Why do athletes need a fitting?

All exercise requires the body to be placed under certain stresses. A proper bike fitting will ensure any rider can perform to their peak potential, while ensuring ideal comfort at all contact points, and avoiding the aggravation or creation of injury.


How does a fitting work?

         A fitting session is broken down into three main parts:

1.  Getting to know you: Professional bike fitter, Anne Barnes, will get to know you. Find out your riding habits, injury history, and goals. She will learn more about the bike you ride or the bike you’d like to ride.

2.  The Dynamic Fit: This is where she will explore your range of motion and you preferences for sustained efforts. You’ll be up on the Purely Custom Fit Bike, where we can mimic your points of contact: pedals, saddle, and handlebars. The fit will start at the foot/shoe/pedal interface and work its way up to the saddle and out to the handlebars.

3.  The Matchmaking: This is where we either find the perfect bike match for you or we tweak your existing bike so you can be the perfect couple—raise the saddle, shorten the stem, change the saddle. But remember, bike fits aren’t static. 


I need a bike fitting because...


I am looking for my first bike.

Live Grit believes in the “fit first model” of purchasing a new bike. Often bikes are purchased and the rider is fitted to the bike. We believe in first understanding the rider and his or her needs; educating the rider on their options; and then finding the best bike for the rider. Fit first.



I am looking for a new bike.

The old steed has been good to you, but it’s time to get something new. If you’re upgrading to a new model, or switching between styles of riding (road to tri), you most certainly need a fitting. Frame geometries, labeled sizes, and even rider position, are all going to be entirely different.


I am looking to improve my bike.

You've been riding your bike for sometime but have never been professionally fit. Or, you've been fit but looking for a little more precision and power.  As fitness, strength, and goals change so must the fit. Our fitter will annalyze the athlete's current position to mazimize comfort, power, and stamina. 


The fee for a fitting is $300. Fit includes the following:

- Follow-up consultations for one year

- Fitting report with measurements 

Should you purchase a complete bike from Live Grit within 30 days of your fitting, the fitting fee will be credited to the purchase of the new bike.

Parts and labor involved in the modification of your bike are not included in the cost of the fit. 


Fits are for one category of bike only (tri, road, track, etc.). Each category has its own geometries and biomechanics so each must be fit seperately, and therefore charge seperately.




Have questions or want to learn more before you schedule a full fitting? We provide free consultations.  We are always happy to take a look at you on your bike and recommend the service right for you.  




Saddle Fitting


Bike seats don’t have to be painful. Getting the right seat on your bike is paramount for any rider.


 If you buy a seat from us, this service is always complimentary. If you have a seat and a bicycle already, we can install and analyze the positioning for $50.



Pedal and Cleat Fitting


The first point of contact between rider and bicycle is the shoe-pedal interface, a highly stressed and highly repetitive interface. Establishing the most efficient position between foot and pedal, while avoiding any numbness or sharp pains, is essential to rider efficiency and comfort.


If you buy shoes or pedals from us, this service is always complimentary. If you have pedals and shoes, we can adjust and analyze the positioning of the your cleats for $50.


Anne Barnes

The X and Y Coordinator


     The bike fit is not just a series of lengths and angles. It is the relationship between the body and the bike, and creating an effective and efficient ecosystem of pwer. This analysis takes science and the trained eye of a talented prpfessional fitter. And we happen to have one of the best. Our bike fit exper, Anne Barnes, is top notch with a reputation as one of the best in the midwest. With over 10 years of experience, she has extensive knowledge of all disciplines: road, triathlon, mountain, cyclocross, track, and paralympic cycling. 

Training and Certifications:

  • SICI (Serotta Internation Cycling Institute) Certification 2007
  • Mike Sylvester Bike Fit Certification 2008
  • Fit Institute Slowtwitch (FIST) 2012
  • Inaugural class member, FIST Down Deep, 2014
  • Medicine of Cycling Conference 2016
  • Guru Academy Level 2 Certification 2015
  • International Bike Fitting Institute, Level 2 Certification 2015
  • Bike Fit/Paul Swift Shoe Pedal Interface Certification 2008 and 2013