Welcome to the CGI ONETeam 5K Walk and Run Training Program!


On October 27th, CGI will be holding its inaugural ONETeam 5K Walk and Run and this is your opportunity to get in on the fun while donating to a great cause- Chicago Run. And, Live Grit is here to get you across the finish line! Whether this will be your first or 20th 5K, wellbeing is essential for everyone, so Live Grit is here to join the rest of the CGI team in supporting you on your journey to achieving your goal by providing:

  • Coaches
  • Training plans
  • Educational clinics
  • CGI onsite training sessions
  • Motivation and encouragemen



Upcoming Onsite Training:

What: 5k Training Session #4

When: October 17th at 4pm

Where: Meet on the patio outside the cafeteria.

What: A fun and inspiring training session with your fellow ONETeam athletes. Whether you are a walker or runner, this training session will support you to reaching your finish line. Just starting training? Perfect! Come on out and join us.


"Beyond the Finish Line" Lunchtime Discussion on October 11th