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Our team cultivates passion, perseverance and grit in your team.

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Who we are

Live Grit finds and motivates the hidden athlete in your employees. We believe being an athlete is not how fast or how far you go. It’s about embracing challenges, overcoming obstacles and discovering new levels of confidence.

What we do

From corporate 5K events to first-timer triathlon training, we offer customized programs and turnkey events that excite and engage your employees. Our approach complements and elevates your company’s wellbeing program.

How we do it

We actively support your employees from the start to the finish line. They’ll develop the mindset to meet and achieve their goals, and will experience the sense of accomplishment that only comes from crossing the finish line.

"Live Grit’s approach to training and event management was one that didn’t allow the professionalism of the event to intimidate non-athletes and really helped Chamberlain Group to bridge the gap between runners and beginners. I would not hesitate to recommend Live Grit and its team to any company that would like to host a company-sponsored event centered around wellness, balance, teamwork and morale."
JoAnna Sohovich

Chief Executive Officer, Chamberlain Group

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